The numbers

Marketing automation is the future of marketing. Automation enables marketers to send triggered messages and setup personalized experiences that deliver more qualified leads and more traffic, at scale. The data on the right shows the average benefits for companies that use marketing automation (sourced from Gartner, Pardot, Aberdeen, eMarketer).

Marketing Automation Statistics

Increased Open Rates 70.5%
Increase Click Through Rates 152%
Increase Conversion Rate 52%
Increase Revenue 10%
Increase Sales Ready Leads 50%

The Tech

Marketing automation requires both a marketing tech stack of web services that work together and a robust methodology that puts the technology to work in service of specific business goals. The result is a well-oiled machine that engages people in meaningful ways.

Echo Brand Group is a SharpSpring agency partner, and experienced with a wide variety of tools and processes across content marketing, buyer journey mapping, persona development, analytics and automation.

The website

Make your website work harder by integrating marketing automation. Setup is simple so energy is spent creating powerful experiences that move visitors through specific journeys. Workflows on the backend keep things organized and efficient.

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