The digital pipeline has been laid and operational for more than two decades; everyday traffic increases and pathways improved for even greater connectivity and communication. Yet despite the tremendous growth, the single greatest challenge still facing agencies, marketers, and digital media platform developers alike is how to most effectively leverage this impressive grid to connect and market goods and services to the 3.5 billion, and growing user base.

In every conceivable place an internet connection reaches on this planet, people are online. Dinner tables, boardrooms, offices, classrooms, airlines, sidewalks, highways, even bedrooms and bathrooms are no longer off limits for logging in, connecting, sharing and communicating, often with multiple devices at the same time. This 365/24/7 connectivity forces advertisers and marketers to evolve; devising effective new strategies to not only connect, but gauge ROI.

It’s truly impressive how swiftly and significantly digital technology has influenced and evolved marketers’ approaches for marketing their respective goods and services within the ever-evolving digital landscape. The days of companies and agencies creating static one-way brand messages has forever changed, replaced by the innovation of multi-dimensional two-way platforms that demand value from marketers that allow consumers to form and express opinions about the brand’s product, service and message.

This paradigm shift has forced marketers to think and act more like publishers and broadcasters, requiring a need to instantly draft branding messages in a variety of formats with current and relevant content, constantly keeping abreast of what consumers are saying about them, all in real-time. Adding complexity, consumers choose what, how and when they will view and respond to these messages making this truly a unique time in the industry’s history.

The years to come will surely continue to challenge agencies, brands, and digital media platform developers alike to develop even more effective and viable strategies and technology for connecting brands and consumers. The winning concepts will integrate seamlessly across the variety of new digital platforms and create powerful results. The evolution promises to be a continued process requiring technical proficiency, creativity and marketing innovation to make your brand resonate.

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By Bruce Burke, Brand Strategist, Chief Creative Officer and Managing Partner