The concept of a website as a “thing” has unfortunately infiltrated the thinking of too many marketers for too long. In an age of Siri, Alexa and Cortana, why would a marketer invest in what amounts to a digital brochure when consumers and prospects expect personalized, timely and dynamic engagement on their terms?

The entire mental model of the website as static “thing” is outdated, and wrong. Websites are the tip of the spear of a dynamic, engaging and personalized marketing system. They need to work hard as a business asset not just passively when a visitor lands on a page but actively engage long after a visit.

Echo Brand Group recently implemented just such a new marketing system for Next Health Technologies that showcases the future of websites as the CPU of a new marketing operating system. has a completely redesigned front end to highlight key messages for healthcare industry executives seeking to lower their cost structure and compete more effectively. While we’re proud of the way the user experience seamlessly engages executive visitors with powerful messages and high impact imagery, it’s what’s under the hood that’s really exciting.

Using Sharpspring marketing automation and a leading CRM platform, the Echo Brand Group team developed a turnkey system for NextHealth to engage visitors based on specific triggers and site behaviors. Visitors who listen to a podcast or download a whitepaper are engaged at specific points in their journey of discovery and buying in meaningful ways, all without any manual outreach from NextHealth marketing staff. Visitor behavior triggers automated, active engagement by the system to deliver valuable content and powerful calls to action at the right time for the right visitor.

The result is an elegant system for NextHealth Technologies to engage key decision makers to drive business outcomes important to NextHealth.

By Chris Pemberton, Chief Content Officer, Inbound Marketing Director and Partner